Every organization’s backbone is its members, and we at Association for Parivartan feels the same. Our very mission and purpose can be achieved when the steps are collectively taken by the society, and to ensure that we entertain participation from people willing to help. Any person irrespective of gender or age can participate in our various programmes to assist us in carrying on the work smoothly. Be it a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, or even longer, we encourage you to devote your time in something beneficial for the society, and giving the best to the society. Any person can become a volunteer as long as he/she wants to, until and unless stated otherwise by the NGO itself.


Association for PARIVARTAN of Nation is a non-profit making organization.

We as a team are derived by our core values.

We seek to make the functioning of our NGO effective.

We work according to a very well formulated policy structure.

To overcome social exclusion and injustice based on gender and bring about inclusiveness through enforcement of measures to attain gender justice that create a path for rightful enjoyment of constitutionally guaranteed rights.


In the world where people resources are unevenly distributed and people are dying of hunger, longing for a piece of bread, living with degraded health due to lack of attention and Medicare facilities, and where speaking about mental health in public is still a taboo and forbidden


We believe that every person can try and grow into a better version and can rectify his/her mistakes, we believe that every person has the ability to make something good out of his/her life and that the chance must be given once.

Noble Institute for education and Development

To provide requisite and quality education all around the countryside so that the light of education can reach each and every door.


  • To enhance and sharpen the minds of the students.
  • To pioneer the students on the way of their eternal talent and choice.
  • To reach each and every door of downtrodden families and uplift them in the field of education
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The Eristic Union, a debating society

Credibly build out-of-the-box fassociated with the Association for Parivartan of Nation (NGO) which is working for socially maltreated and backward groups of our society. Our debating society will organise debates over the matters concerning various social and other issues and primarily focus to encourage and to energize students to have a strong and active discussion.

 A debate is a formal discussion where opposing arguments are being put forth in a methodized and ordered manner by different side and each side seeks to prevail over his audience. It is a very interesting method to develop discernment and knowledge for both debaters and audience over a particular issue and to end up with the different point of views of every aspect.

 It is a platform for chivalrous debaters to show their ratiocinative and thoughtful approach with fine communicating skills and proper elucidation with a proper discourse in a colloquy. It is also an ideal rostrum for neophytes to conduct debates and polish their skills and to make them capable of competing and contesting debates at the highest level. It enables contestants as well as an audience to build up their intellect, curiosity and broader their ambit of mind to build their calibre of discourse.


Since doing philanthropic deeds and always aiming at serving a larger population, any organization will be in constant need of funds and resources, and so does ours. We wholeheartedly welcome any sort of donations from a person/group(s)/organization(s), even a small amount and effort from your side will be of much help and the results will be tremendous. As these funds are our responsibility, we ensure the concerned parties that their funds are used in the right direction and provide regular checks. We take the full-fledged responsibility of your funds and any queries.


Any organization flourishes when they have active resources, and being a philanthropic organization, no better joy comes than welcoming people to help us serve the society best and take collective steps to fulfil the objective. We follow a formulated policy for providing memberships, and that being;

    They should be the citizen of India.

    They must have attained 18 years of age.

    Believes in the aim and objective of the organization and have non-conflicting personal interests.


(The membership is subjected to the approval of governing body)