“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world” - Malala Yousafzai  


While walking on the path of changes and revolution for a better society, one can never neglect to focus on the very basic root of a society, which is, its children. 

Children are the seeds of our future, thus it’s our responsibility to nurture and groom that seed so that eventually we can pass on the mantle of our future into responsible hands.


NOBLE SCHOOL FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT is one such place that believes a child is the most potential-holding resource that a society can have and takes every step in nurturing that particular resource, starting right from quality education and co-scholastic development.  With the spirit of bringing a change in the society and to provide quality education, Noble Institution for Education and Development has been walking on the path of excellence and putting its tireless efforts and winning laurels. We believe that a child’s mind is a wide sky with an untouched reservoir of talent and they must be given a chance to realize it through means of education and holistic development. 


We feel that a child’s mind is not something to be molded and provide shape to, rather just strengthening their mind, will and sharpening their various skills, will help them in their future, enabling them to grow as an educated, independent and responsible human, which is exactly the need of the hour. Our director has rightly said - “I pray to God to give us more success in all positive aspects of life so that we can make the student’s role models for the society.” 


His constant efforts for his honest duty which, by God’s grace, resulted in the availability of all the things that this institute strived for. Now, to carry his dreams, legacy and efforts forward, Noble Institute for Education and Development serves as a platform, equipped with resources and able teaching and non-teaching staff, to provide them with knowledge beyond books, to provide them with worthy experiences of a lifetime, to let them discover their free-spirit and interests, and also to sharpen their existing skills and talents. 

When a step moves towards better education, it results in a bright career for someone, but when collective and co-operated steps move towards better education of many, it results in a very bright and positive society. 


With this aim, we entertain all sorts of aid given by one and all. Collective work from society will result in better implementation and will ensure better resources provided to children. A collaborating structure of efforts from us, government’s aid and subsidies, big organizations and institutes (educational), big or parent NGO, willing teachers, or even a single donor would complement the growth and will help us serve the children.


Let us all take steps to never let the brightness and glimmer of hope in those children’s eyes fade away, let their smile be wider when they write a letter or when they carry out experiments. Let their talents flourish when they hear a new chorus or when they see a ball rolling on the floors. 

Let us paint their sky of imaginations with bright colours and a bright future.



Nothing thrills a person more than doing his duty honestly. I am proud of my colleagues for their cooperation with this institute. We have been successively getting everything that we had craved for our institute. It has been possible because of your belief in us. Your cooperation is our pride. I pray to God to give us more success in all positive aspects of life so that we can make the students a role model for society.

(Director, NSED)