Children are the world’s most valuable resource and our best hope for the future. Education becomes a means to give these little ones the potential for fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. Despite it being offered as the fundamental right, more than 40% of our children drop out due to lack of resources which stunts them for life and according to the report of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), over 32 million Indian children of up to the age of 13 years have never attended any school, the majority of them belonging to the socially disadvantaged class.

However grim the present, we have the power to change our future. If we come together to sponsor a child’s monthly or weekly education, we can contribute to the development of millions. Even if you can become the source of happiness for a single life, it matters.

Let us all come forward and join hands to give the children of our country, a better childhood and the opportunity to receive equal and quality education! Donate now to help our children get a better future! 

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We have worked from the grassroots level to support and sponsor these students towards researching.

Project 21A

Child-Centric Strategic litigation is a powerful tool for legal and social change.

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We've started a campaign “Know Your Rights” in which we visit different institutions for lecture

Child Sponsorship

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and our best hope for the future of our nation.