APNA, Research, Advocacy & Dialogue department is a research and public-policy platform which aims to promote policies that caters to the socio-economic development of the marginalised communities in India with a vision to drive an inclusive and reformist narrative in India’s policy discourse.  We believe in facilitating informed policy debates and conversations at various levels to help develop a more informed and just society.


Apna's mission is to bring policy and programme debates to the people and help them discover the issues that really matter in the long-run, with a reformist objective through informed public opinion and participation. We primarily address issues that impact people across India including tribal issues, education, sustainability, environment, gender issues and digital divide.


We bring together the finest intellectuals, researchers, academicians, activists, and policymakers, as well as young individuals and utilize the very best analytical tools and methods to understand objective policy solutions and propagate advocacy through conversations, dialogues, seminars, competitions and debates for the marginalized. We discuss fact-based, actionable solutions grounded in rigorous and critical analysis. We file RTI, develop reports, share our research studies with the media while advocating for the underprivileged sections of the society, mainly focusing on the tribal communities. We believe that every citizen should lead a life of choice in personal, economic, and political spheres, and that every institution of our society is accountable and responsible while making policies for the largest democracy in the world.