Laxmi Devi

My name is Laxmi Devi, resident of Nayasarai, Dhurwa Ranchi

Before, the people from this organization came in our village, we had no idea about our rights or our children’s rights.

At the beginning me and my family were unaware about the Section 12 (1) (c) of Right to Edcation Act - 2009 and the whole process as we had no information, nor access to certain privileges, also we never saw anyone talking about it in our surroundings.

But when we came across APNA’s RTE posters we decided to dial their toll-free number almost at midnight, to my surprise, they humbly explained the process and information to us step by step, later they also helped us in the whole documentation process and filled my child application.

Giving Thankful to Helping APNA
Laxmi Devi is now passionate about ensuring that other children will get the benefir of RTE and works with the community to ensure no child left behind without education.