Climate is what we expect, the weather is what we get.” -Mark Twain

Our earth is blessed with flora, fauna, weather, and balanced rotation and it is no secret that we need a favorable climate to survive on this planet. We have a sustainable ecosystem and the only duty we have to perform is to safeguard it.


The 21st century is encountering tremendous threat of climate change, which is affecting living beings, trade, advancement, economy and the most fundamental part of our earth - the ecosystem. The United Nations has reported economic losses amounting to billions of dollars on an average annual basis due to climate-related disasters. An alarming 1.3 million people lost their lives and 4.4 billion people suffered from grave injuries due to geophysical disasters between 1998 and 2017. 

We have ignored the climatic threat all while chasing the advancement and development of the society.


Now, it is time to stand together to recoup our ecosystem and work towards conserving the climate. As Association for Parivartan of Nation, a non-profit society has chosen to work on Sustainable development Goal 13 “Climate Action” to construct a clean and robust society. As per the requisite, our priority is to promote awareness among the villagers about Climate Action and to instill a sense of responsibility towards conserving the nature of the Earth.


As per our organizational belief, we understand that the people of this era must come forward and accept the challenge to protect this earth for our upcoming generations