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Every organization’s backbone is its members, and we at the Association for Parivartan couldn’t agree more. 

Our mission and purpose can be achieved when the steps are collectively taken by the society, and to ensure that we entertain participation from people who are dedicated to our cause and are willing to lend a helping hand. 

Any person irrespective of gender or age can participate in our various programs to assist us in carrying on the work smoothly. Be it a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, or even longer, we encourage you to devote your time to a cause that serves a greater purpose and is for the collective good of the society. 

Any person can become a volunteer as long as he/she wants to, until and unless stated otherwise by the NGO itself.


Any organization flourishes when they have active resources. Being a philanthropic organization, we actively look for and welcome people to help us serve the society best and take collective steps to fulfill the objectives. We follow a formulated policy for providing memberships as follows – 

Qualification for Membership:

People who fulfill the following criteria shall be eligible to become a Member of the Society subject to the approval of the Governing Body. The decisions of the Governing Body in this regard shall be final and binding.

(a) Citizen of India.

(b) Who have attained 18 years of age.

(c) Believe in the aims and objectives of the society.

(d) Agree to pay subscriptions throughout the tenure.

(e) Is not disqualified by the court of law.

(f) Person should mentally fit and stable.

Membership and Fees :

Those members who shall pay a yearly subscription of Rs.500/- year shall be admitted as General members of the society subject to the approval of the Governing Body.


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One can always sharpen their skills and gain new experiences in order to accomplish personal growth and collective growth. The Association for Parivartan serves as a platform for the same. 

In order to maintain our quality services, we aim at hiring potential personnel and staff who can serve to the best of their abilities. This way we make sure that willing interns get the best experiences that are enriched with knowledge and core values. 

We welcome people to do an internship under our experienced and meritorious staff, so they can help us in achieving our goal, and achieve their personal goals as well.


The interns are required to carry on or be assigned to small projects under winter and summer internship, whereas a short term internship encompasses the working for 21 days, give or take.

Please submit your CV to – ‘’ with your area of interest. We will reach out to you if it matches any of our requirements. 


An organization cannot work without smooth operations, and a great amount of work needs to be divided into units and sections. To operate these units and sections we need quality people. Our organization provides space for professionals to contribute their knowledge and talents and get paid in return in the form of salaries and incentives.

Since our motive is to serve the society in the best way possible, we seek qualified and skilled employees with a strong value system identical to ours and whose personal interests are non-conflicting to that of the organization. 

Interested individuals can apply for the jobs according to the suitable vacancies. Interested individuals are requested to stay tuned with the official page of the organization in order to know about the various vacancies as we try to keep you posted.

There are currently no vacancies available. If you would like to submit your CV for our consideration you can do so here at – ‘

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