VISION: Creating a gender-just society free from prejudices and discriminations.


OBJECTIVE: To overcome social exclusion and injustice based on gender and bring about inclusiveness through enforcement of measures to attain gender justice that create a path for rightful enjoyment of constitutionally guaranteed rights.



Justice: social, economic and political, is a guiding principle of the constitution of India where the preamble to the constitution itself ensures its lexical priority. The irony lies in the fact that in India where women are worshipped as Shakti, the cruelest atrocities are committed against her. 

The degree of atrocities is magnified for women, as caste, class and gender are interlinked and deeply entrenched in the society. This is an attack on their right to live with dignity which is basic to every human being.

 From the cradle to grave, women are under the clutches of numerous evils acts such as discrimination, oppression, violence: within the family, at the workplace and in society. 

The root cause of all the atrocities faced by the women are -  

(1) Illiteracy 

(2) Economic dependence 

(3) Caste restrictions 

(4) Religious Prohibitions 

(5) Lack of leadership opportunities

(6) Apathetic and callous attitude of males in society, etc


In this regard what is important is not only the provision of rights but also the fact that these rights should be justiciable. Proper enforcement of rights is achieved only when it is backed up by justiciable measures and redressal mechanisms. But what continues to remain a concern even in this verdict is the women’s access to justice in order to realize these provisions without having to bear the brunt of the patriarchal mindset. 


The inclusion of women in society requires the elimination of all forms of injustices against them.

Women constitute almost half of the society and thus holistic development of our collective community cannot be achieved without the complete participation of women. 

Ambedkar, father of the Indian constitution stated: “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved”. Thus, we aim to collectively work towards a gender-just society that is free from the vicious cycle of poverty, social exclusion, illiteracy, violence and injustice in all forms.


We aim to achieve gender justice through an overall upliftment of women in the society through measures such as - access to education, providing public awareness on rights and justice, providing a platform for voicing their opinions, grievances, etc.

To ensure that government policies and programs are in accordance and are relevant to women’s demands, we organize discussions, seminars, conference, dialogue and another lawful gathering which in turn leads to the promotion of capacity building, information dissemination, easy access to healthcare, help in fighting legal battles, etc.