Quality Education

Vision – Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education through which each individual can improve their lives, can become sensitive to others and one’s own environment.


Objective – Education is not only a means of acquiring a set of skills and knowledge but also to strengthen democracy through developing one’s reasoning, imaginative and observing powers i.e. by becoming a rational human being. 

The present world is governed by the set of rules that favor the educated and learned. Therefore, education is the only means to voice and raise one’s issues and concerns democratically. Through education, a society can be created where everyone enjoys fundamental constitutional rights such as liberty, dignity and equality. 

What an honour it is to strive to help people, and to work towards rekindling hope in humanity. Knowing all the odds and evils in society, we continuously try to take steps to solve and address as many as we can, and our campaigns are one such step forward in the same direction. Of course, no education theory can be practical without keeping children at the center of the debate. Children must not be considered as beings to whom you can give any shape which we want, rather free inquiry, scientific temperament, the love for mental adventure are the core fundamentals that should be imbibed in children.

The child empowerment and ensuring Quality Education flagship program is the major framework or the base program, under which several small programs run, for instance, NSED- Noble School for Education and Development and Era Tech is running. Under this initiative, we try to fulfill our aim of helping economically backward and malnourished children and to give them a future where they are well educated and self-dependent.

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