While we work for society and we look for the transformation in the society a question emerges that what do we want from society. How do we want to see our society? To understand the concept of just society or ideal society. Association for Parivartan of Nation conducted a workshop on 5th January 2019 at Hotel Sartaj, Ranchi.

Aim and objectives: To discuss the concept of Just society and what rights and responsibilities an individual hold in society. The concept of freedom and issues like human trafficking which are the barriers to a just society. As per John Stuart Mill “Allowing individuals to live their lives as long as they didn’t infringe on the rights to others, to the idea that the resources of society should be distributed to all, including those most deserving first.”

Taking note from there we had a panel discussion on the idea of the just society was to know what is really meant by the term and also does it really exist? And what all constitutes a just society. During the meeting, Mr. Hassan Al Banna quotes that “when we look at the condition of distribution of resources in Jharkhand we notice that most of these are not used by the people of the state” that is why we should have to start campaigns on these issues and create awareness among the tribal. Sneha Shah Deo talked about Human Trafficking in the state of Jharkhand and discuss the various concerns and consequences related to it. The discussion revolved around how this inhuman activity prevails within the society and how sometimes families are responsible too. Sneha quoted “According to the National Crime Record Bureau, among the various purposes of human trafficking, trafficking for forced labour is the most prevalent, followed by prostitution (NCRB 2016).” The statistics are shocking and it’s difficult to imagine things girls have to go through. The team discussed various steps that can be taken to stop the trafficking and what roles different stakeholders can play.