Vision– reforming children and giving them a chance to step into a better future.

Objective– we believe that every person can try and grow into a better version and can rectify his/her mistakes, we believe that every person has the ability to make something good out of his/her life and that the chance must be given once. We at Association for Parivartan provides these opportunities to the kids who are in need of guidance and help. We aim at helping kids with conflict of law, prison reform, and the kids who need a light ahead after Madarsa. Since we know that a society’s future is its youth and children, and we also know that sometimes they get deviated from the right path and aren’t able to distinguish between right or wrong, we believe and aim at reviving their souls and good in them, to enlighten them with what is right and what is wrong, to impart knowledge in them so that they can build their future, move on, and live a positive life. We try to put efforts in counselling the kids with law conflict to improve their quality of life and educate them with skills that would help them in future to be self-dependent and be a responsible and dignified citizen.
We also try to assist the kids who have completed their Madarsa to cope up with the highly competitive world and make their places, we aim at helping them to learn various skills that would make them self dependant, and moreover arranging some job opportunities to that it would help them in earning the livelihood. Considering all the cases and their past, we aim at making comprehensive, multidisciplinary, integrated evaluation programs, as we not only aim at rehabilitation but their development indeed. We believe that educational and behavioural consultation and medical and psychopharmacologic interventions will result in good and betterment of the child. Being a non-governmental organization, we realize that these kids seek for help but their reach for help is limited, and thus our efforts and collective steps are the need for the hour, in order to deliver them with quality of life filled with positivity, a better future and a chance to reform and grow.