Vision– We aim to stride towards a society where every individual is treated equally and with dignity, where no rights are violated, and every grievance is heard and is given due recognition.

Objective– We believe that society flourishes when the people inhabiting it are living a happy and content life in harmony, with their free-will and respect for one another. This noble way of living itself will curb numerous deep-rooted evils in society.
We want to create a society where people believe in their legislature that ensures equality to everyone, where they feel secure in the fact that all their grievances will be heard and justice will be served.
We dream of a society where no one’s fundamental rights are violated, and a sense of free-will and dignity prevails all over.
Our every step is righteously in the path of effective implementation of Human Rights, and we are guided by ideologies of the UN Charter (1948) and Fundamental Rights of India, where the notion forever prevails as to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small (UN Charter).

We aim at promoting social awareness and spreading the words of harmony so that we can coexist in peace, and respect each other’s dignity and free-will. We believe that making one’s choice and the decision is his/her birthright, voicing one’s opinion is his/her fundamental duty, and that nothing or no one should interfere until and unless it is within legal parameters.

We regularly come across cases in India where men/women are punished for marrying outside of their religion/community, cases of foeticides, or cases of brutality on women/girls for raising voices against the unjust, or over mere voicing of their opinions for that matter.

Before this disgrace eats up the society and people lose faith in their legislature, we need to address this issue at a bigger level, which should start from a collective contribution by us, no matter how big or small.
We feel the urgent need to spread awareness regarding treating everyone with equal respect and preserving one’s dignity and to ensure that actions are taken against the violation of any fundamental rights and most importantly, that everyone’s grievances are being heard and proper justice is being served.