Our organization aims to be transparent at every level. To serve this very purpose, we seek the assistance of a professional financial advisor. We are open to regular audits done by a professional and any member of the organization, at any level is free to question or go through our financial workings.
In order to make our operations in the organization more concrete and ethical, we propose to provide regular reports and forecasts of our workings. In the organization, every person is accountable for his/her conduct and has to abide by certain rules and regulations.

Likewise, all other members holding any responsibility will be accountable to his/her immediate superior and top-level management.

In order to ensure the smooth working of the organization, we create a steady structure of fundraising from various sources, that being – admission and yearly membership fee, annual contribution received from affiliated associations and organizations (if any), subscriptions and donations collected from the public, donations and grants collected from the state and central government and other social organizations.
All income, rent, service charge, fees, donations, other funds and money collected from the public and various institutions are under the control and management of the organization.
Our organization believes in maintaining absolute transparency in working, ] and thus we ensure a strong audit and reviewing system. We make sure that the accounts of the society are kept in a proper manner and the account of the society is audited by the qualified auditor(s), appointed in the annual general meeting.