This program basically deals with hiring people on a contractual basis which is of 365 days (or extended depending on the quality of your work). We welcome the people with potential in order to carry out some special work focusing on a certain area and cover certain parameters and return provided by certain stipend. The nature of the assignments will be clarified in the fellowship letter and the person is obliged to follow all rules and regulations and adhere to the terms of the contract.

The fellowship deliverables expected are outlined in fellowship plan. These could include but restrict to articles/ research papers/ blogs/ tweets/ social media posts/podcasts/ documentaries, etc. the fellowship program may as well stretch out and explore in different fields like teaching in the required area, assistance in medical camps, etc, as the case may demand.

Interested individuals are required to stay tuned with the official page of the organization in order to know about the fellowship program as we try to keep you posted.