The Eristic Union,a debating society

associated with the Association for Parivartan of Nation (NGO) which is working for socially maltreated and backward groups of our society. Our debating society will organise debates over the matters concerning various social and other issues and primarily focus to encourage and to energize students to have a strong and active discussion.

A debate is a formal discussion where opposing arguments are being put forth in a methodized and ordered manner by different side and each side seeks to prevail over his audience. It is a very interesting method to develop discernment and knowledge for both debaters and audience over a particular issue and to end up with the different point of views of every aspect.

It is a platform for chivalrous debaters to show their ratiocinative and thoughtful approach with fine communicating skills and proper elucidation with a proper discourse in a colloquy. It is also an ideal rostrum for neophytes to conduct debates and polish their skills and to make them capable of competing and contesting debates at the highest level. It enables contestants as well as an audience to build up their intellect, curiosity and broader their ambit of mind to build their calibre of discourse.