Community Kitchen Campaign.

The biggest slogan of Indian socialism is ‘ROTI (bread), KAPADA (Clothes to cover the body) aur MAKAN (a Shelter)’. Not only in the Indian context, but this slogan also puts forward the most prominent and paramount necessities for all the mankind, in which ROTI (bread, symbolizes food) ‘ll always be placed in the first position as without it would difficult to survive. With a population of over 1.3 billion, India, has seen tremendous growth in the past two decades. Despite being the 7th largest growing economy in global GDP ranking and one of the fastest-growing economy of the world, India is still an unfortunate country where people are dying from starvation and many are forced to sleep with their knees tucked to their head due to hunger. According to the statics provided by Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nation 194.4 million people in India are undernourished in the year 2016-2018.

To get the real picture of hunger and the endless battle of the poor to get ‘ROTI’, we need to seek the scenery of the slums which are hidden right behind the cloud touching skyscrapers. People living in those slums are toiling day and night until the sweat from their head started dripping in the toes of their leg, and still hardly manage to get a meal in a day out of 3. Children living in those areas are compelled by hunger to search their meals amidst the garbage and trash cans of the cities. According to the statics provided by FAO 38.4% of children under 5 years of age are stunted in India. (Poor nutrition and lack of access to diverse foods causes stunting i.e. impaired growth and development). In there twinkling eyes, which are twinkling not because of hopes and dreams but because of tears from hunger and aching stomach, one can see the failure of the government to provide them with decent meals and satisfied stomach.

In these perverse situations, there is a dire need of Community Kitchens serving decent meals to the people and especially the potential future of the nation i.e. the Children in reasonable and affordable prices, within the reach of the pockets of the hunger-affected sections of the society. These kitchens may be in the form of Amma canteen and Annapurna Yojana or Dal-Bhat Yojna started by state governments or it may be in the form of Dadi ki Rasoi run by a non-governmental organisation. These community kitchens steps in the aid of the hunger-stricken stomach and feeble people in the form of subsidised and decent meals.

Thus, our NGO Parivartan for Nation, in accordance with United Nations sustainable development 2030 is determined in its campaign to eradicate hunger and has dedicated an entire year for the same purpose.