We as an NGO, always aim at ensuring a just society, where inequalities and discrimination are curbed, where people have their dignity preserved and equal rights come in the share of everyone. With this very aim as its basis, APNA looks forward to a new and advanced vision, a vision of E-PARTICIPATION. 

Though growth could be seen everywhere in the country, the real question on the table is, whether everyone is getting an equal opportunity to avail the benefits of technological developments? The answer to that would be NO. There are only a few sections of society that are benefitting from the growing and advanced technology - the privileged ones.


Often the poorer and illiterate sections of the society suffer exploitation and deteriorating living standards. A very crucial factor contributing to this would be their lack of knowledge and access to technology and digital advancement, where everything is available and accessible for people living in an urban area just by a touch on their mobile screen, life is simply tougher for tribal and rural people in this case where they have to stand in line for hours and compromise with their daily wages just to cope up with digital India. 

APNA is determined to address this issue in 2020, as it foresees the fruits this initiative will bear at the end of the day.

As we aspire for an inclusive society, a society that is equal in every aspect, where people have equal and easy access to facilities and their rights we, therefore, take our premises for Sustainable Development Goals- 10 (SDG10) that lays its objective as reduced inequalities, that very well complements our vision and objective of E-PARTICIPATION and inclusive society.

Furthermore, to give strong footings to this very objective, we plan to take steps at the grassroots level, starting with providing basic knowledge and digital skills at the disposal of the society, namely tribal, rural and poor sections.

As the foundation has been laid down, an adjacent framework shall go along with it that specifies steps and the work will take place in accordance with that very framework. APNA ensures the procedure and steps to be in a manner that would ensure and preserve the very nature of this organization, i.e. just and fair society, to create an umbrella that would facilitate everyone in the right manner.

I take the pleasure in welcoming you to Era TECh, an institute for digital education and research center dedicated to the proper growth and development of each and every student for a better career prospect.

The institute is all set to bring out the potential within each student and provide proper guidance so that their potentials can be utilized to make them perfect in the field of technology and capable of meeting any challenge that will be faced by them after leaving the institute.

The institute provides full support to improve their communication skills, critical thinking abilities, moral values and sense of responsibility. All efforts are made to improve the creativity and problem solving abilities of the students so that they can contribute their best to the society and the country.

The infrastructure has been developed with most modern equipment; provisions have also been made to upgrade the same keeping pace with the technological advancements of the time. Era TECH has a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty who devote their time not only to teaching but also towards the overall development of the students.

Furthermore, faculty from other renowned institutions are invited to deliver guest lectures to help augment their studies beyond the syllabus. We are confident that the students passing out from this institute will be technically sound, confident and have good leadership skills.

I wish all the best to all the prospective students.

Tarique Jameel