Birsa School of Child Empowerment

Vision – Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education through which each individual can improve their lives, can become sensitive to others and one’s own environment.

Objective – Education is not only a means of acquiring a set of skills and knowledge but also to strengthen democracy through developing one’s reasoning, imaginative and observing powers i.e. by becoming a rational human being.
The present world is governed by the set of rules that favor the educated and learned. Therefore, education is the only means to voice and raise one’s issues and concerns democratically. Through education, a society can be created where everyone enjoys fundamental constitutional rights such as liberty, dignity and equality.
Of course, no education theory can be practical without keeping children at the center of the debate. Children must not be considered as beings to whom you can give any shape which we want, rather free inquiry, scientific temperament, the love for mental adventure are the core fundamentals that should be imbibed in children.

Birsa School of child empowerment is the flagship program under which a school is being run currently in Banha, Jharkhand. The school and the curriculum are designed in a way that interests the student and sparks their curiosity. The students are not just bound by the classroom but are also involved in a lot of practical work.
We recognize that health and nutrition also affect the development of a child and therefore under the program we also provide the children with food of proper nutrition and special care is given to children facing malnutrition. We want each and every child to grow into an individual who is confident and is able to pursue what they want and to ensure this we conduct personality development programs and counseling sessions.

The school fee structure is designed not according to the class but the family of the student. The main reason for which is that education should be available to each and every student despite what their family income is. The main aim of the project is to provide children with an environment where there is learning and holistic development.