Our Causes


VISION: Creating a gender just society

OBJECTIVE: To overcome social exclusion and injustice based on gender and bring about inclusiveness through enforcement of measures to attain gender justice that create a path for rightful enjoyment of constitutionally guaranteed rights.


Vision- to help people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle both physical and mental.

Objective- in the world where people resources are unevenly distributed and people are dying of hunger, longing for a piece of bread, living with degraded health due to lack of attention and Medicare facilities, and where speaking about mental health in public is still a taboo and forbidden, we constantly aim at doing our share of the plate and to curb these problems which deteriorate the society. Our main objective is to reach out to the people who are in need of help.

Human rights:-

Vision- we aim at making a society where every individual is treated equally and dignity, where no rights are violated, and every grievance are heard and given due recognition.

Objective- we believe that a society can flourish when the people living in the society are living a happy life, with their free-will, honour, and respect for one another, this noble idea itself will curb numerous rooted evil in the society. We want to create a society where people believe in their legislation that ensures equality to everyone, where they feel secure that all their grievances will be heard and justice will be served. We dream of a society where no one’s fundamental rights are violated, and a sense of free-will and dignity prevails all over.


Vision- reforming children and giving them a chance to step into a better future.

Objective- we believe that every person can try and grow into a better version and can rectify his/her mistakes, we believe that every person has the ability to make something good out of his/her life and that the chance must be given once. We at Association for Parivartan provides these opportunities to the kids who are in need of guidance and help. We aim at helping kids with conflict of law, prison reform, and the kids who need a light ahead after Madarsa.