The execution of our very idea itself starts from the framework, planned and designed by higher authorities which are encompassed by BOD ( Board Of Directors), management heads, supervisors, employees, and likewise the hierarchy follows. A certain model of working is prepared specifying the target, area of operation, resources required, etc. To ensure systematic working, the efficient management team plays a greater role. Work and responsibilities are delegated on all levels to ensure the basic aim of helping weaker sections, women, handicapped widows, etc, are achieved. Our Governing body consists of seven

members including office bearers and period of the governing body is three years. Our organization is categorized in:-

  1. MEMBERS- the members of the society for the time being.
  2. GENERAL BODY- all the members of society.
  3. OFFICE BEARERS- the president, vice-president, General secretary and secretary of Finance.
  4. ADVISORY MEMBERS- board of advisory members consisting of people of excellence in various fields and profession. Governing body is bound by their advice, they also serve as honorary patrons.
  5. GUEST MEMBERS- this is on the basis of the recommendation of governing body as and when needed for the specific work, special campaign, or for the time being for a particular purpose. The same is terminated at the termination of such work, campaign or purpose, as the case may be.