Membership Form


Any organization flourishes when they have active resources, and being a philanthropic organization, no better joy comes than welcoming people to help us serve the society best and take collective steps to fulfil the objective. We follow a formulated policy for providing memberships, and that being;

Qualification for Membership :

Those persons who fulfilled the following criteria shall be eligible to become a Member of the Society subject to the approval of Governing Body. The decisions of the Governing Body in this regard shall be final and binding.

(a) Citizen of India.
(b) Who have attained 18 years of age.
(c) Believe in the aims and objectives of the society.
(d) Agree to pay subscriptions as here in after.
(e) Do not disqualified by the court of law.
(f) Person should not be insanity.

Membership and Fees :

Those members who shall pay an yearly subscription of Rs.100/- year shall be admitted as General member of the society subject to the approval of the Governing Body.