Vision– To help people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle both physical and mental.

Objective-In the world where people resources are unevenly distributed and people are dying of hunger, longing for a piece of bread, living with degraded health due to lack of attention and Medicare facilities, and where speaking about mental health in public is still a taboo and forbidden, we constantly aim at doing our share of the plate and to curb these problems which deteriorate the society. Our main objective is to reach out to the people who are in need of help,
provide them facilities and arrange the same for them and spreading awareness for mental and physical health and training them for taking precautions and basic self-care and hygiene skills. An important aspect other than accessing people is to provide strength to already existing Medicare facility and ensure their effectiveness and efficiency, because according to a survey conducted in 2018, more people die to poor quality care than lack of access to healthcare, the figures reach to around 1.6 billion approximately. (Source- indiaspend report by Swagata Yadavar.) We try to focus on a larger aspect which adds more meaning to our efforts, which we believe is quality of healthcare because the quality is as important as access. We realize the need to contribute in healthcare section because the constant current cases coming up of poor people being discriminated and treated deliberately with poor quality than rich people despite going to the same level of the educated professional/institute, like one of the cases in Madhya Pradesh states. Association for Parivartan tirelessly aims at outing efforts to set up camps in backward areas for poor people to provide them with basic healthcare facilities, to do awareness-driven programs, and to assist various healthcare institution in providing quality services and keeping a check to maintain those services. Growing cases of people dying due to lack or poor quality healthcare are becoming concerning and urgent topic to be addressed, considering the growing numbers of deaths. Our organization seeks nothing but the best for the society, and we believe that steps in this section, no matter how big or small, will result in betterment in health status, people, and eventually the society.