What an honour it is to stretch out to help people, and hold on to that one thread of humanity. Knowing all the odds and evils in society, we continuously try to take steps to solve and address as many as we can, and our campaigns are one such step for the same. In order, there
are 2 campaigns already: child empowerment flagship program and women’s right campaign. Witnessing the status of women in our society, we feel an urgent need to provide a remedy to it and we, as an organization, with all its efforts try to serve the equality and quality of life which they deserve. The child empowerment flagship program is the major framework or the base program, under which several small programs runs, for instance, NIED- Noble Institute for Education and Development is one of a kind. With this every step we try to fulfil our aim to treat economically backward and malnourished children and to give them a future where they are well educated and self-dependent.