About Us


Association for PARIVARTAN of Nation is a non-profit making organization, run by youth and other people seeking the positive change in the society and carrying the same philanthropic traits. The basic nature of the organization revolves around charity, and actions that would result as a form of a better society, which is free from biases based on gender, caste, creed, colour, race, social and economical backgrounds. We believe in cherishing our core value which is to create a just society that would sustain us, and setting up of our action in the path of our that very vision. We aim at triggering and resolving the problems of the sections of the society that are needy, and that being, people who face discrimination due to their gender, caste, economical background and especially people belonging to backward areas who require upliftment. And thus to ensure the fulfilment of our aims, we as an organization run across the country INDIA, maintaining and following certain sets of rules and a specified framework


We as a team are derived by our core values, which are integrity, teamwork, respect for people, honesty, hope, commitment, innovation, empathy, learning, building social values, and humbleness. These are the attributes which we carry on forever and pass on a legacy as they ensure that every step we take, leads us close to our mission and vision. We believe that beholding these characters would result in a society which we need and which we aim at having. Our mission and the sole purpose is to have an inequality free society. We aspire to achieve the effectiveness of the civil society to challenge poverty, isolation, and to empower people to gain control over their own future


We seek to make the functioning of our NGO effective and efficient in order to fulfil our objective of a just society. We aim at creating a potential team starting right from the recruitment, in order to carry out various initiatives and projects. We aim at collaborating with big organizations and parent NGOs in order to serve the best of our purposes and to utilize the resources to the fullest. We try to bring a positive change in society by contributing to society and fulfilling the moral obligations, and this is ensured by our investments and aids provided in order to help the needy. Granting aids to hospitals and providing quality educations at lenient fees structure, etc. are the ways we try to approach the society and serve the target sectors.


We work according to a very well formulated policy structure, which aims at serving the maximum population, which is hence done according to steps. our organization operates across India, and mainly focuses on the backward communities and States like Tribal in Jharkhand. We work according to a framework of targeting the needy populations section by section, serving them and then stretching our access in order to serve the next target area and group


The execution of our very idea itself starts from the framework, planned and designed by higher authorities which are encompassed by BOD ( Board Of Directors), management heads, supervisors, employees, and likewise the hierarchy follows. A certain model of working is prepared specifying the target, area of operation, resources required, etc. To ensure systematic working, the efficient management team plays a greater role. Work and responsibilities are delegated on all levels to ensure the basic aim of helping weaker sections, women, handicapped widows, etc, are achieved. Our Governing body consists of seven members including office bearers and period of the governing body is three years. Our organization is categorized in:-

  1. MEMBERS- the members of the society for the time being.
  2. GENERAL BODY- all the members of society.
  3. OFFICE BEARERS- the president, vice-president, General secretary and secretary of Finance.
  4. ADVISORY MEMBERS- board of advisory members consisting of people of excellence in various fields and profession. Governing body is bound by their advice, they also serve as honorary patrons.
  5. GUEST MEMBERS- this is on the basis of the recommendation of governing body as and when needed for the specific work, special campaign, or for the time being for a particular purpose. The same is terminated at the termination of such work, campaign or purpose, as the case may be.


Since doing philanthropic deeds and always aiming at serving a larger population, any organization will be in constant need of funds and resources, and so does ours. We wholeheartedly welcome any sort of donations from a person/group(s)/organization(s), even a small amount and effort from your side will be of much help and the results will be tremendous. As these funds are our responsibility, we ensure the concerned parties that their funds are used in the right direction and provide regular checks. We take the full-fledged responsibility of your funds and any queries.

Hasan Al Bama

Director’s Message

Nothing thrills a person more than doing his duty honestly. I am proud of my colleagues for their cooperation with this institute. We have been successively getting everything that we had craved for our institute. It has been possible because of your belief in us. Your cooperation is our pride. I pray to God to give us more success in all positive aspects of life so that we can make the students a role model for society.


Every organization’s backbone is its members, and we at Association for Parivartan feels the same. Our very mission and purpose can be achieved when the steps are collectively taken by the society, and to ensure that we entertain participation from people willing to help. Any person irrespective of gender or age can participate in our various programmes to assist us in carrying on the work smoothly. Be it a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, or even longer, we encourage you to devote your time in something beneficial for the society, and giving the best to the society. Any person can become a volunteer as long as he/she wants to, until and unless stated otherwise by the NGO itself.

One can always sharpen their skills and gain new experiences in order to accomplish personal growth and collective growth. We at Association for Parivartan serves as a platform for same. In order to maintain our quality services, we aim at hiring potential personnel and staff who can serve to the best of their abilities, this way we make sure that willing interns get best experiences enriched with knowledge and core values. We welcome people to do an internship under our staff filled with excellence so they can as well help us in achieving our goal, and be goal-oriented. We hereby provide with 3 types of internship: WINTER INTERNSHIP, SUMMER INTERNSHIP, AND SHORT TERM INTERNSHIP.

The interns are required to carry on or assigned to small projects under winter and summer internship, whereas short term internship encompasses the working for 21 days, give or take.

A single person can achieve something, but when brought together, a group can achieve many things. With this notion in our mind, we entertain partnership with organizations having similar goals and ends. We intend in making a collaborative structure which will help us in working together and accomplish our desired goals. Since it will also help in the accumulation of better resources, we ensure and assure the partners that the resources will use efficiently and effectively. We often seek partnership from mother organization(s)/ NGOs. We offer 3

types of partnerships, that being: CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP, INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERSHIP, and MOTHER ORGANISATIONS having similar objectives and fighting for the same cause. As the name itself suggests, corporate partners are entertained to carry out business ventures, and institutional partners are entertained in order to tie up

for educational and health ventures.

This program basically deals with hiring people on a contractual basis which is of 365 days (or extended depending on the quality of your work). We welcome the people with potential in order to carry out some special work focusing on a certain area and cover certain parameters and return provided by certain stipend. The nature of the assignments will be clarified in the fellowship letter and the person is obliged to follow all rules and regulations and adhere to the terms of the contract. The fellowship deliverables expected are outlined in fellowship plan. These could include but restrict to articles/ research papers/ blogs/ tweets/ social media posts/podcasts/ documentaries, etc. the fellowship program may as well stretch out and explore in different fields like teaching in the required area, assistance in medical camps, etc, as the case may demand.

Anyone can sow a seed, but it takes real kindness and efforts to water it every day and hopes that one day it will grow into a beautiful plant and the flowers will blossom. Making someone happy is a deed of the day, but nurturing someone is the blessing of a lifetime, and what else is the better way to get it than educating a child and gifting him/her the best of future. We, Association for Parivartan gives you a platform to let you help someone for a better future, by our sponsorship program. We wholeheartedly welcome the sponsorships for educating kid(s) by taking charge of their fees, clothes, stationery items, etc. According to the framework of the organization, the interested party has to give a monthly/ yearly budget and the use of their resources will be taken place accordingly. Sponsors will be allowed to track results and ensure that their funds are being used in the desired manner. They as well can stay in direct contact with the kid(s), and our presence will only serve as a bridge for the connection of the sponsors and kid(s).

Any organization flourishes when they have active resources, and being a philanthropic organization, no better joy comes than welcoming people to help us serve the society best and take collective steps to fulfil the objective. We follow a formulated policy for providing memberships, and that being;

·       They should be the citizen of India.

·       They must have attained 18 years of age.

·       Believes in the aim and objective of the organization and have non-conflicting personal interests.


                   (The membership is subjected to the approval of governing body)


  • In this very initiation, we offer various tie-ups with us, where any organization can conduct research on different social issues in India and can get the publication with us. Association for Parivartan as well indulge in these activities of research and publication covering different places in India to dig in deeper to know the day-to-day problems in people’s lives and ways to solve them.

    What an honour it is to stretch out to help people, and hold on to that one thread of humanity. Knowing all the odds and evils in society, we continuously try to take steps to solve and address as many as we can, and our campaigns are one such step for the same. In order, there are 2 campaigns already: child empowerment flagship program and women’s right campaign. Witnessing the status of women in our society, we feel an urgent need to provide a remedy to it and we, as an organization, with all its efforts try to serve the equality and quality of life which they deserve. The child empowerment flagship program is the major framework or the base program, under which several small programs runs, for instance, NIED- Noble Institute for Education and Development is one of a kind. With this every step we try to fulfil our aim to treat economically backward and malnourished children and to give them a future where they are well educated and self-dependent.