Association for PARIVARTAN of Nation is a non-profit making organization, run by youth and other people seeking the positive change in the society and carrying the same philanthropic traits. The basic nature of the organization revolves around charity, and actions that would result as a form of a better society, which is free from biases based on gender, caste, creed, colour, race, social and economical backgrounds. We believe in cherishing our core value which is to create a just society that would sustain us, and setting up of our action in the path of our that very vision.

We aim at triggering and resolving the problems of the sections of the society that are needy, and that being, people who face discrimination due to their gender, caste, economical background and especially people belonging to backward areas who require upliftment. And thus to ensure the fulfilment of our aims, we as an organization run across the country INDIA, maintaining and following certain sets of rules and a specified framework.